What Are Curiculuum Extensions Kindergarten?

What is a curriculum extension?

Enrichment is a term that describes learning that goes beyond the general curriculum. Extension generally refers to extending learning to other content areas, and going beyond the required curriculum. The difference between enrichment and extension is subtle and the two terms are often used interchangeably.

What are examples of extension activities?

Flashcards, revision games, spelling games, and pronunciation activities are all examples of extensions you can use for quick revision. An extension activity can also serve to review what has come before in previous units.

What are learning extensions?

Definition of Learning Extensions Learning Extensions shall be defined as activities or tasks requested of students by teachers that are meant to be performed outside the classroom as an extension.

What are extension activities in teaching?

An extension activity is an activity that extends the learning of the lesson. Extension activities can be done in small groups or by a single student. These extension activities are leveled to fit the student. For gifted students these are challenging.

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Are extension activities optional?

If you would like to listen in on the teachers as they planned their lessons, you are invited to link to any or all of the three videos that follow.

What is the difference between enrichment and extension?

In education terms, extension usually means to extend the learning in the lesson to make it more challenging. On the other hand, enrichment means doing something beyond the classroom or in addition to the main lesson that will enrich the learning, often allowing students to explore their interests.

What does extension education require?

Extension uses democratic methods in educating the farmers. Extension helps in studying and solving the rural problems. Extension increases farm yields and improve the standard of living of farmers. Extension makes good communities better and progressive. Extension contributes to national development programmes.

What does extension work mean?

– Extension is a process of working with rural people in order to improve their livelihoods. This involves helping farmers to improve the productivity of their agriculture and also developing their abilities to direct their own future development.

What is the purpose of an extension activity?

The purpose of extension activities is to give students opportunities to use the target words and definitions during interesting, engaging, and contextualized activities. Do not use extension activities to assess student knowledge.

How did you learn by extension work activities?

Develop people skills. Joining new clubs and groups necessarily forces children to make new connections. Through extended learning activities, children learn collaboration, teamwork, leadership skills and the importance of working together despite differences to reach a common goal.

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How does technology extend learning?

with less distraction. The technology allows students to understand in a way that is easier than a traditional tool. Students are able to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the content because of the technology tool. Extend The technology allows students to learn outside their typical school day.

What are the objectives of extension education?

The basic objectives of extension education is to raise the standard of the people living of the rural area by helping them in using their natural resources (Like land; water, livestock) in the right way.

What sense is homework an extension of the classroom?

Homework is an extension of the classroom which allows students to internalize information that has been presented in class. It bridges the gap between lessons, so that students can continue to work on English throughout the week even if they have only two classes a week.

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