Quick Answer: How To Get The Talismans In Kindergarten Game?

How do you give toilet paper to Ozzy?

Skip ahead to lunch. Buy a burger then use your passbook, go to the boys bathroom and skip ahead until Ozzy comes in to use the toilet. Talk to him through the stall door and give him youe roll of toilet paper to *finally* get this card!

How do you get Doom jelly in kindergarten?

Cindy will give you Doom Jelly if you put gum in Lily’s hair and get back to her during lunch.

How do I get all the Monstermon cards?

Do Cindy’s quest. at lunch, when Cindy wants something vegan, ask the janitor until you bug him enough that you can have one for free and he will give you the card after you give Cindy the ball and talk to him.

How do you give Ozzy toilet paper to kindergarten?

Before school Start off the day by talking to Felix and showing him the pin. He’ll give you something to bring to Ozzy for him to read. Go buy the hand sanitizer from Monty. Go to Ozzy to give him the papers, and use the hand sanitizer to prove your hands are clean to him.

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How do you stab Buggs in kindergarten?

Don’t choose take a bite or else you’ll die. Choose activate distraction and stab her from behind. Buggs will come in and orders you to take the knife out. At recess, talk to Buggs and then talk to Nugget.

How do you get the secret ending in kindergarten?

This ending can be achieved by finding all the Monstermon cards, and pressing the button found next to the bookshelf. This will unlock a secret passage behind the bookshelf, and you will be greeted by Nugget, wearing his “sacred robes.” He leads the Protagonist to “the secret sanctum of Monstermon.”

Will there be a kindergarten 3 game?

Kindergarten 3 ( Not Confirmed )

How do you get the Nuggets outfit in kindergarten 2?

Nugget Outfit (Outfit #2): In the If You Can Dodge a Nugget mission avoid giving Nugget the Nuggets at Lunch. Instead get the Hall Pass from Agnes at Recess and use it to go into the Cafeteria. Bury Nugget’s corpse in Nuggets.

What happens if you microwave the cat in kindergarten 2?

Common Decency: Get a cat from Agnes and attempt to microwave it in the Teacher’s Lounge. Interact with the microwave until your reach ‘You’re right. That’d be horrible.” Select that text option to get the achievement. If you do microwave the cat it explodes and your character leaves school for the day.

Is Monstermon a real card game?

Monstermon is the game’s parody of real-life CCGs that real-life elementary school teachers are so prone to confiscate. The cards are the main collectible you can find throughout the game. “To get every Monstermon card, you’ve got to actually go through and do some wacky things, and a lot of extra things.

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Who gets the cat in kindergarten 2?

Agnes is a character in Kindergarten 2, she lives in the dumpster and has three cats. If the Protagonist gives her food, she will trade one of the cats for it. She will give the Protagonist Smoky for a hamburger, Tenders for the Nugget Box, and Gravy for the salad.

How do you get the Monstermon card from Billy’s box?

DO NOT TALK TO CARLA. Go down the elevator and speak to Billy. Interact with Billy’s box after you are done speaking to him to get this card.

How do you break sad?

Breaking Sad Walkthrough

  1. Start the day by talking to Ms.
  2. Head over to Cindy and get her to cry wolf.
  3. Ms.
  4. Buggs will come talk to you about her almost being ready to snap.
  5. Go talk to Carla to bet that you can’t sneak in the firecracker.
  6. Talk to Monty to get up the handicap ramp.

How do you complete opposites attract in kindergarten 2?

The things you need to complete to start this mission are as follows:

  1. Talk to Carla about smuggling in Contraband to get the Firecracker.
  2. Talk to Penny and she will confiscate the Firecracker from you.
  3. Next speak to Buggs to have him join up with you.
  4. Return to Penny and befriend her to get the Friendship Bracelet.

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