Question: Kindergarten Why Doesn’t The Janitor Get Arrested?

Does the Janitor from Kindergarten have a name?

During Kindergarten 2, the Janitor wants to start a war with the other Janitor ( Bob ) but to do so needs the Protagonist’s help. Once the Protagonist has told the Janitor that the other janitor’s name is Bob, he will ask the Protagonist to give the declaration of war to Bob, and to let him know when it is done.

Who is the Janitor in Kindergarten?

Bob is the “Nice Janitor” in Kindergarten 2. The Janitor from the first game despises Bob and gives the Protagonist a quest to kill him. When first talking to Bob he introduces himself as the friendly janitor, and even offers to help get Nugget out of the sewer grate.

What happened to Nugget in kindergarten?

Deaths. After when Lily falls down in the Nugget Cave and when Ms. Applegate tells him that she’s pushing him in after her then Nugget falls in the Nugget Cave, killing himself.

Will there be a kindergarten 3 game?

Kindergarten 3 ( Not Confirmed )

Who is Ozzy’s girlfriend kindergarten?

Madison is Ozzy’s girlfriend, and Alice states that she doesn’t even go to this kindergarten, attending another school.

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How do I get out of kindergarten study hall?

In Study Hall say nothing after Dr. Once he is done talking eat an apple to make him leave the room. Doing this causes the old janitor to radio you. Penny is on to you and you will need to deal with her. To do this, grab the Toy Car from toy chest and leave the room.

How do you beat Dianas flower?

Flowers for Diana Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Nugget who’s currently stuck in the crawl space near the main staircase.
  2. He’ll ask you to get help.
  3. Talk to Monty, get him to let you past Bob onto the handicap ramp for $3.
  4. Grab the blue flower sitting next to Monty.
  5. Head up the ramp to go inside the school.

How do you do Nuggets in Mission 2 kindergarten?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to Nugget to learn he wants Nuggets.
  2. Buy a Burger from the Lunch Lady then show the Prestigious Pin to Felix to get him to buy the other Burger.
  3. Go behind the counter and grab the Nuggets off the shelf and give them to Nugget.
  4. Go into Teacher’s Lounge and microwave Nuggets.

How do you get rid of Buggs in kindergarten?

While you’re talking to Buggs, pick the conversation options that rile him up the most, like the subject of his father. This will get you get beaten up by Buggs. Before you die, be sure to call the Teacher over. With that out of the way, it’s important that you don’t turn against any other students.

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How do you get rid of Cindy in kindergarten?


  1. Killed by Nugget’s friend.
  2. Hit by a car if you pour the Bucket Of Blood on her instead of Lily.
  3. Killed by the Principal if you bring the Voice Recorder to the Principal’s office when you and Cindy are sent there. ( Gunshot heard from room)
  4. Simply by the Talisman Run.

Will there be a Kindergarten 2?

Kindergarten 2 is launching on Steam June 2019!

Who made Kindergarten 2?

We have been approved to develop for Playstation, but the process is a little complicated and time consuming. We’ll be working more on console ports after the launch of Kindergarten 2. Xbox One will likely come first.

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