Question: Charles By Shirley Jackson Quiz Answer How Did Laurie Changer When He Started Kindergarten?

How did Laurie change when he started kindergarten?

According to Laurie’s mother, the very day he started kindergarten he began to behave differently, older. According to her, that day, he decided not to wear younger styles of clothing like overalls but wanted to instead wear blue jeans and a belt. Laurie no longer clung to her with sweet and loving words.

What did Laurie’s teacher say about Laurie adjusting to kindergarten?

What did Laurie’s teacher say about Laurie adjusting to kindergarten? We had a little trouble adjusting, the first week or so but now he’s a fine little helper. With occasional lapses, of course.

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Why do you think Laurie turns into a swaggering character when he begins kindergarten?

His mother relates that Laurie has graduated from a “sweet-voiced nursery-school tot” to a “long-trousered swaggering character.” This revelation is telling. One can interpret Laurie’s bravado as a sort of coping mechanism. While kindergarten presents new opportunities for Laurie, it is also an unknown entity.

When Laurie started kindergarten What two things did he start wearing?

The day my son Laurie started kindergarten he renounced corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt; I watched him go off the first morning with the older girl next door, seeing clearly that an era of my life was ended, my sweetvoiced nursery-school tot replaced by a long-trousered, swaggering

What is the moral of the story Charles?

Shirley Jackson’s short story, “Charles,” is about a boy called Laurie and his mother and father. The moral or message of the story is perhaps that it is very difficult for parents to control their children or, indeed, ever really know who their children become when they grow up.

How did Laurie feel about Charles hitting the teacher?

Laurie says Charles gets into trouble at school by being fresh to the teacher. Laurie “grinned enormously and said, Today Charles hit the teacher.”

Why is the ending of the story Charles ironic?

The irony in this story is that the horrible boy Charles in kindergarten with Laurie is really Laurie. The irony is that they are so judgmental of Charles and ignore Laurie’s misbehavior.

Why does Laurie blame Charles for what were really his actions?

Laurie lies to his mother because he feels guilt about his actions and wants to talk about them, but does not want to take the consequences for them so he makes up a story about an imaginary boy named “Charles” and describes all the bad things Charles does—when it’s really Laurie.

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Why did Laurie create the imaginary boy Charles?

Laurie invented Charles because he is immature and unable to handle the socialization of kindergarten. Charles was Laurie’s way of telling his parents what he did in kindergarten without actually telling them. Every day, Laurie could come home and tell his parents what he did without actually facing consequences.

Why does Laurie act the way he does at school?

Laurie adjusts to kindergarten’s expectations and begins to behave better when the teacher asks him to help her. When Laurie first starts kindergarten, he is a real terror. His parents have no idea that he is misbehaving, because they never talk directly to the teacher and the teacher never talks to them.

How does Laurie convince his parents that Charles is a real student in his class?

On pg. 299 Laurie told his parents that Charles was yelling so much that they had to send a boy from first grade to tell the teacher to make Charles keep quiet. This fully reveals to the reader that Laurie’s parents were completely convinced that Charles was a real student in Laurie’s kindergarten class.

Why did Laurie’s parents take so long to find out the truth about Charles?

Why did it take Laurie’s parents so long to find out the truth about Charles? They believed Laurie, and they missed the first PTA meeting because the baby was sick. He wanted his parents to know what was going on but not get in trouble, he didn’t want to take responsibility for his own actions.

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Why does Laurie say all the other children play with Charles even though they’re told not to?

In short, the answer to your question is that the rest of the kids stayed simply to watch him. Not very exciting, especially since their rebellious hero simply sat there and served out his punishment–this time.

At what point in the story did you suspect and/or know that Laurie and Charles are the same person?

The reader should begin to suspect the identity of Charles when Laurie misbehaves regularly, especially when his mother does not attend the Parent-Teachers meeting. Charles is the name of the the “bad boy” in the kindergarten. Laurie, however, is not well-behaved. We see this clearly at lunch on the first day.

What does Laurie forget to do on his way to his first day of kindergarten?

According to the mother, who narrates, on the first day of school, her “sweet-voiced” tot suddenly transform into a “long-trousered, swaggering character” who walks with an older girl and forgets to turn and wave goodbye to his mother.

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