How To Complete Jeromes Mission In Kindergarten?

How do you beat Jerome’s mission in kindergarten?

How to Complete Jerome’s Mission (Spoilers?)

  1. Bring $3.00 to school.
  2. Get Cigarettes, Yo-Yo, and Screwdriver.
  3. Talk to Jerome.
  4. Go to the janitors closet.
  5. Unscrew shelf.
  6. Grab Lazer Pointer and leave.
  7. Hide Pointer in garbage.
  8. Go to bathroom.

How do you do Monty’s mission kindergarten?

First, the Player needs to buy a Yo-Yo from Monty to give to Jerome start the mission. Later, during recess, Jerome will be closely watched by the Janitor. To save him, Monty will give the Player one of the Principal’s Devices to blow up the Janitor.

What happened to Billy in kindergarten?

Billy is Lily’s brother who was supposedly expelled and never seen again. It is eventually revealed that he was kidnapped by the principal for walking in on the janitor disposing of one of the creatures’ bodies. He was then placed in a container where experiments were conducted on him.

How do you get the key mold in kindergarten?

The Key Mold appears to be an outline of the Office Key. It can be obtained by completing Jerome’s mission, and is required to start Monty’s quest.

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Who is Ozzy’s girlfriend kindergarten?

Madison is Ozzy’s girlfriend, and Alice states that she doesn’t even go to this kindergarten, attending another school.

How do you get rid of Buggs in kindergarten?

While you’re talking to Buggs, pick the conversation options that rile him up the most, like the subject of his father. This will get you get beaten up by Buggs. Before you die, be sure to call the Teacher over. With that out of the way, it’s important that you don’t turn against any other students.

How do you get Lily in trouble in kindergarten?

Ask the lunch lady if you can go to the bathroom, give her Monty’s glasses, and she will let you go into the hall. Lily is in front of the principal’s door, and you can interact with the principal’s door. You then should tell him Lily was eavesdropping on you. >

Will there be a kindergarten 3 game?

Kindergarten 3 ( Not Confirmed )

What is the janitor’s name in kindergarten?

Bob is the “Nice Janitor” in Kindergarten 2. The Janitor from the first game despises Bob and gives the Protagonist a quest to kill him.

What does Nugget give you in kindergarten?

Nugget will ask you to find him a Magnifying Glass if you talk to him when not on his route. This can be done by obtaining a Bottle of Pills prior to this in the principal’s office, giving the Yo-Yo to Jerome, or getting a Single Pill from Nugget. If you do so, he gives you the King Tower Beetle.

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How do you get a laser pointer in kindergarten?

Go to the left side of the shelf, an exclamation mark will pop up, unscrew the screw and the shelf with the stolen stuff box will fall down. Now grab the Laser Pointer out of the box and go straight to the exit. You will get sent back to class and after a short conversation with Jerome lunchtime will start.

How do you do Nuggets in Mission 2 kindergarten?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to Nugget to learn he wants Nuggets.
  2. Buy a Burger from the Lunch Lady then show the Prestigious Pin to Felix to get him to buy the other Burger.
  3. Go behind the counter and grab the Nuggets off the shelf and give them to Nugget.
  4. Go into Teacher’s Lounge and microwave Nuggets.

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