Sharon Fitzgerald



Sharon has been a gymnast since the early age of 8 years old. Sharon studied under some of the best teachers in Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. Her best teacher and mentor was and is her sister Patti Komara, well known throughout the gymnastic industry as the top business woman in the country. Sharon spent thirteen years working with her sister.

While living in Florida, she worked and studied with Ron Galimore, ex- Olympian and now Chief Operating Officer and former head of the men’s program of the United States Gymnastic Federation. She worked with Karl Bishop at Apollo School of Gymnastics. While living in Tallahassee, FL, she developed a mobile program of over 400 students. She sold her Tallahassee business, trained the new owner and moved on to establish a new mobile business in Sebastian, FL. Once again, she sold the business and trained the new owner while preparing to move back to Indiana.

In 1988, Sharon founded “Tumblebear Gymnastics” Mobile Program. In 2015, her company serves well over 125 locations and over 2,000 students. Every day eight vans with two well-trained and dedicated Tumblebear Teachers go out to take a full gymnastic program to daycares, recreational centers, cheerleading groups and after school programs. She has expanded the company to also include the Just Dance by Tumblebears Program and in 2014, Kickaroos Karate. Through her coaching and mentoring program she helps people who are just starting out or need help with their mobile gymnastic business. Through her dedication, the Tumblebear Program is the largest mobile gymnastic program in the country.

Sharon started with her love for children and a love for gymnastics. When you evaluate Sharon’s many years of success, there is no doubt her life and her business is built on a very deep love for children and people through gymnastics.

In 2015 Sharon and Jim Fitzgerald celebrated their 22 anniversary. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, going to the movies, spending time on her wave runner, traveling and taking long walks with Jim and their three dogs.

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