Kate Hutton


(Preschool Director, Lead Gymnastics and Lead Dance instructor) I have been working for Tumblebears since 2009. I was promoted to Preschool Program Director two years ago and love coming up with fun, exciting and instructional lesson plans and themes for your little ones. Even more, I love seeing them respond to the atmosphere and fun my partners and I bring to class and the skills they begin to build over time.  I was very active in a tumbling program as a child and teenager and used the skills I learned there while participating on my high school diving team. I was also very interested in science and music in high school, which lead to my enrolling in Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where I studied biology. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I quickly realized that while I loved the scientific field, I did not enjoy the monotony of working in it. Throughout summers during college, I worked as a counselor at a day camp for children and enjoyed the chaos of working with kids as well as the rewards both the kids and I took away from it. I then found Tumblebears, where my days may be long but the kids I have the privilege to teach never fail to make me smile and laugh. The knowledge that I’m doing something to make them smile and laugh and build confidence and be a friend to them- even only for a short while every week- is the main reason I love my job.  Outside of work, I still enjoy singing and playing the piano, reading a book, eating my boyfriend’s spectacular cooking, and playing with my two, young nieces. Looking forward to seeing you at one of my classes!


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