Our Staff

Sharon Fitzgerald


Sharon has been a gymnast since the early age of 8 years old. Sharon studied under some of the best teachers in Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. Her best teacher and mentor…Read More

Jim Fitzgerald

Owner/Karate Director

(Karate Director, Karate Instructor) Page coming soon…Read More

Jayme Klisiak


(Manager, Staff Trainer,  Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) I have been working at Tumblebear Gymnastics since September 1, 2001.  I manage the company along with teaching 2 days a week.  I LOVE children… Read More

Terri Klisiak

Accounts Specialist

Page coming soon… Read More

Kate McMahon

Preschool Director

(Preschool Director, Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) I have been working for Tumblebears since 2009. I was promoted to Preschool Program Director two years ago and love coming up with fun, exciting and instructional lesson plans and themes for your little ones… Read More

Chelsea Fetcko

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) I have been working for Tumblebears for 3 years. Before I had been involved in cheerleading and gymnastics my whole life, with one year of coaching… Read More

 Karen Rapchak

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) I will be celebrating my 3rd year at tumblebears. Coming from a retail background at a popular Video Game Store, I decided to focus on teaching a healthier way for children to be entertained… Read More

Ramiro Villagomez

(Karate Instructor) A couple things to know about me are; I love working with kids, so much that in the future I plan on being a foster parent. My favorite part about working with kids are the smiles… Read More

Angelique McKeny

(Gymnastics, Dance, Karate, and Cheer Instructor) I’ve currently been working for Tumblebears for about 6 months now and love every second of it! It is a very fun loving, laid back, entertaining atmosphere and the kids are fantastic… Read More

Danny Fitzgerald

(Karate Instructor) The opportunity to inspire and be a positive role model to our future generation is a very rewarding experience for me. As a young guy around the age of ten… Read More

 Araceli Valdivia

(Gymnastics and Karate Instructor) Page coming soon…

Sabrina Krooswyk

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Heather Shelton

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Tiffany Ketelaar

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Brittany McKnight

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Dan’Ryen Doyle

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Briana Moore

(Gymnastics and Dance & Cheer Instructor) Page coming soon…

Sofia Sierra

(Karate and Gymnastics Instructor) Page coming soon…

Brianna Basaldua

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Noemi Villagomez

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Rachel Hernandez

(Gymnastics and Dance & Cheer Instructor) Page coming soon…

Jessica Manady

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Ashley Montes

(Gymnastics and Dance Instructor) Page coming soon…

Sebastian Chavez

(Karate Instructor) Page coming soon…


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