CHEERBEARS is a great feeder program to prepare young children to be ready for a Cheerleading Squad. Within the program, the students will gain talent, skill, and technique that they can take with them when they are ready to move onto a team. Not only will the kids learn the fundamentals necessary to succeed in cheerleading, they will also develop the skills to be successful in other facets of life. According to the Universal Cheerleaders Association, starting a cheerleading career at a young age can be quite beneficial. Although they may not realize it at the time, being part of a team provides the opportunity for kids to gain more self-reliance and self-confidence on an individual level while learning the importance of team work. By being part of a team, they can improve communication skills, learn how to work with other people, and lessons about pride. They not only learn to take pride in themselves, but also learn how to trust and take pride in their teammates.

About Cheerleading: Cheerleading is a dynamic blending of gymnastics and tumbling. Cheerleading is about having a positive attitude and enthusiasm. It helps develop strength, teamwork, leadership, flexibility and responsibility. The Cheerbears classes are designed to help with these skills. Emphasis is placed on correct technique and form; and building the proper foundation for safety and advancement.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to explore a variety of physical activities in a safe and motivating learning environment.  Every child learns in different ways and at different rates, so lesson plans are designed to allow each student to develop new skills at their own pace.


 Everyone is a WINNER with Tumblebears! The power of positive thinking is a key element in the development of children to become successful adults.  Awards and recognition help build a child’s self-esteem and to boost their desire for personal achievement.  Each week children receive hand stamps or stickers for their effort to learn the skills taught that week.

Students will Experience the Following Activities and Skills in Cheerbears: Cheers & Chants

  • Cheerleading Jumps
  • Basic Stretching, muscle building & conditioning:  Students learn how to stretch into the splits and perform tiny leg lifts, butterflies, sit ups & crunches.
  • Tumbling Skills for Cheerleading:  Basic Tumbling Skills will be touched upon like cartwheels and round-offs.  To gain the full tumbling experience, children are encouraged to enroll in our Gymnastics Program as well.
  • Cheer techniques, such as voice, arm positions & movements:  Cheering is more than just being “peppy”.  There are specific positions in which the arms should be held for optimum cheering.


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