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Bored at Home

Do you need fun activities that will keep your children entertained and learning at home?

Tumblebear Gymnastics & Kickaroo Karate are NOW OFFERING the access to online classes from the comfort of your home.

We recognize that every child is unique. Some are destined for advancement in a sport and others just want to learn & play. Now you can give them just what they need with Tumblebears at Home. Whether you want to supplement weekly classes with extra training, are unable to attend in person classes, or just need another form of home entertainment, online classes are available for preschool gymnastics, school age gymnastics, preschool karate & cheerleading. Our content would also benefit a two year old student with parental assistance. Our programs offer classes that provide developmentally appropriate and engaging activities that build confidence and self-esteem in a safe environment. As your child works through each course, they will experience the positive benefits of our programs. You can watch and do the videos over and over throughout the entire month. With our monthly subscription model, you will receive great new lessons each week for your child to enjoy.


Plans include Gymnastics, Karate or a Bundle of Both. Lessons are updated weekly.
Classes are Designed for Both Boys and Girls
Our Course Tabs are broken up into segments designed to provide the best at home training for your child.
Classes are created to follow in order and are taught by different instructors to ensure your child finds the right fit for his or her learning style.

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What Classes Online Give You:
Convenience. All videos are available for live streaming 24/7 from any internet-enabled device. We are looking to add zoom classes in the future.
No pressure. Let your kids take lessons and learn at their own pace without worrying about what others are doing.
The BEST instruction. All classes are led by our Tumblebear & Kickaroo Staff.
Perfect for all levels. Classes are suited for all kids, whether they want to hone their skills on their own time at home or they are just getting started and want to learn by themselves.
Child Development. Tumblebears at Home provides structure and consistency and teaches valuable life skills in addition to being fun and healthy.

For More Information, you can contact the Tumblebear Office at 219.865.9698 or email to

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