About Us

Tumblebears was the first company in Chicagoland to develop a mobile gymnastics program specifically for childcare facilities. For 26 years, Tumblebears has been dedicated to building each child’s confidence, self-esteem and physical ability in a fun, safe and positive environment. Each week 1900 children experience the positive benefits of the Tumblebear Gymnastics program.


Building Self-Confidence One Cartwheel at a Time

Want to give your child a head start in life? Studies have shown that creative physical activity is a key component to fostering confident, successful children. As each success builds on the last, you will see noticeable improvements in your child’s physical abilities and self-confidence. Our curriculum is designed to specifically target and build the mind, body and social skills of each student in the most fun creative way possible. Gymnastics activities foster flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, in addition to the physical benefits students develop listening skills, concentration and decision making skills. Through social interaction children learn sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities.


Parent Benefits

  • Save time and money. No driving or waiting. Gymnastics classes are taught here at your childcare facility.
  • No Registration Fees
  • No uniform or special attire is required for gymnastics
  • Low student to teacher ratios. Insures that your child receives more individual instruction.
  • Guarantee. If after the first session of classes you are not 100% satisfied, your full tuition payment will be refunded to you.
  • Feel at Ease. All of our professional staff have undergone a thorough background check and receive periodical drug testing.


Here’s what Directors and Parents have to say about Tumblebears.

As the director of an early learning center of excellence, we want to provide to our parents only the most top-notch ancillaries to add to our program. That is why we have chosen and continue to offer the Tumblebear Gymnastics program. Tumblebears has proven for the last seven years to be reliable, consistently fun and creative and worth it to join! As a former parent with a child in the program. I was happy to see the excitement on my daughters face every week on Tumblebear her experience. I would highly recommend this ancillary to all parents and school directors. – Jennifer.        Creme de la Creme


We are sadly moving in July. I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful influence on my daughters. When they talk about gymnastics, they are in heaven! They tell me how strong they are and how hard they work. They talk about balance and skill and always want to show me the new skills they have learned. These are all things that I wanted them to gain from gymnastics and I truly believe that Tumblebears is the best program we could have had them in. Any child that has Miss Jayme as a teacher will be blessed beyond measure. The girls will miss you! – Alysia.- Maria & Olivia’s mom


I just wanted to give you some feedback about your program and teachers. The teachers my two kids have at the Lincoln Center are great and my kids love love love them! They are so good with the kids and are always encouraging them to do their best. My children look forward to Tumblebears each week and wish everyday was Tumblebears day! As soon as we pull up I hear Tumblebears! and my son runs in saying “wait Chelsea I’m here!” Thanks for making a positive impact on my kids. – Tonya- Happy mom from Highland Rec.


I’ve had my children in Tumblebears for several years now. I love the convenience as well as their awesome teachers! My children love Miss Karen & Miss Brittany and look forward to Tumblebears each week, We could not be happier! – Jenni- Mom of Tommy and Jessica.


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